Reading to Success

I once heard reading 25 books in the field in which you’re studying is the same as have a masters degree in that field. Now, I couldn’t find the data to back that up but, I thought it was interesting. It sparked something in my mind many years ago. I don’t know if it was because I wanted to make up for the fact that I didn’t go to college or if I found a way to finally learn how to do the things I wanted to do. It’s sad that we can read about anything we want to learn yet reading is a dying art. We would rather be miserable at our job then spend an hour reading every day to find out how to do the things we want to do.

Why You Should Read

  1. You could find the answer to your problem. Whatever you’re trying to learn it’s been written about.
  2. You can learn a lot and become an expert. Earl Nightingale says “reading one hour a day in a field of your choice will make you an international expert in seven years.”
  3. Reading will help your vocabulary, makes you a better writer, and actually makes you smarter.
  4. According to the University of Buffalo reading fiction helps improve empathy.

There’s hundreds of reasons out there why you should read. It can help increase your income, keep you up to date with current events, help you get your dream job by crushing the interview test, or even help you start that business you’ve always wanted by learning how to do it. Stop watching T.V., stop procrastinating, and pick up that book that’s going to push you to the next level in your life. Think about this, most of us spend over eight hours everyday doing something we hate doing, letting someone else control our daily lives and our income. Why? You have the answers in front of you. Stop putting yourself in that hard place where you scrape by to pay bills every month. Read I promise you it will help you in your journey to find success. Ok, I could keep ranting but, I’ll end it with this. Make reading one of those small baby changes in your life. All those baby changes will add up and make massive results in your life. If you have anything you’d like to add please comment below.

One comment

  1. Great post! I completely agree! Reminds me of a Henry Ford quote: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”


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