My Purpose

Hi, my names Alex. I’m 24 and like most people, I’m stuck! I don’t know about you but, I spend way too many days sitting in my cubicle, daydreaming of what I wish my life was really like. Sitting on a beach next to my beautiful girlfriend, typing on my laptop while I sip on an ice cold cerveza. Sounds nice, right? Then I come back to reality and I’m back to my very disappointing life. Why? Why am I living a disappointing life? I know I have greatness within, I just need to figure out how to make that greatness turn my daydream into reality.

So, I finally got the balls to say enough! I’m going to take a risk. I may fail but, I’m going to keep trying until I make it. This blog is the start. I’m going to find success. Success in finances, love, happiness, health, relationships, business, etc. Am I crazy? Probably but, I’m so tired of waking up broke and feeling like a failure. It’s time to be who I’m suppose to be.

How am I going to do this? Like I said this blog is the start to all of it. I’m going to research and interview people who are already successful in areas I want to be successful. I’ll put the research and interviews up on the blog and I’ll put the results of how it’s working in my life on here. I’m going to be a guinea pig and share all of it with you. I want to learn how to be successful but, I also want others to learn to how to be successful with me. There’s no reason why we can’t all find our success in our lives. So, lets do it! Follow my journey, learn from my failures and successes, and lets do this together.

If you have any ideas, questions, specific areas you want to find success, or just want to show support, please comment.


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